Do You Wash Your Sunglasses ?


Do You  Wash Your Sunglasses ?
Do You  Wash Your Sunglasses ?

We are all really good at washing our own bodies and our own clothing? But have you ever taken a second to think about how often and how effectively you actually wash your various accessories? In particular, I’m talking about something like sunglasses. They aren’t something that you have to wear all year round, which make them an easy thing to have on for a few months and throw in a drawer without any care and attention. Here are the reasons why you should wash your sunglasses, and how to wash them!

• Just like your cell phone, your sunglasses are extremely likely to be covered in bacteria that might cause breakouts on your skin over time.

• This is down to a build-up of sweat that happens in hot sunglasses weather, and it can leave your pores clogged and generate imperfections on your nose, cheeks and even your ears.

• It is recommended that you wash every part of your pair of sunglasses that comes into contact with your face.

• As well as cleaning the glasses, you should also focus more on exfoliating and cleansing the parts of your skin that the glasses are in regular contact with.

• Basically, the hotter your weather is, and the more you have to wear your sunglasses out and about, the bigger the need for you to take regular care of both your frames and your face is. Avoid the bacteria causing trouble by eradicating it!

How to wash sunglasses

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Wet the Glasses under Running Tepid Water


Dab a Drop of Washing up Liquid (dishwashing Soap) onto Each Lens


Gently Rub the Soap over Every Part of the Glasses Using Your Thumb or Forefinger


Rinse Gently under Running Tepid Water until All Soap is Cleared


Dry with a Lint-free Cloth

Do not use paper products to dry your lenses.
A lens-clean spray can be used instead of soap but ensure it is suitable for coasted and anti-reflective lenses.

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