7 Common Ways You Could Be Making Acne Worse ...

Did you ever think that some of the seemingly harmless things you do could actually be one of the ways you could be making acne worse? You read that right, some of the most benign, everyday things can exacerbate acne! I know we’re all diligent with our skin care routines, use quality skin care products and try our best to live a healthy lifestyle so I would hate to see any of us partake in these common ways you could be making acne worse. Keep on reading to get all the details on what can make acne worse.

1. Hats and Headbands

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I never thought about it, but one of the ways you could be making acne worse is if you frequently wear headbands, hats, baseball caps or any other accessory that’s tight or rubs against your skin. Although they might look cute on, anything that rubs against skin or is worn tightly can create fiction and cause skin to become irritated and even make acne worse. This is also true of bra straps so make sure your bra fits properly and wash your bras frequently.

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