7 Celebrity Skin Care Tips I Use Everyday ...

When needing some great skin care advice, why not consider several celebrity skin tips along the way? I’m a firm believer that if the stars know what it takes to look great, we can all pull up a chair and take a few notes. You don’t need millions of dollars, or even hundreds, to get some great skin tips from celebrities. In fact, my budget is pretty skinny in the skin care department, yet I can still take advantage of many celebrity skin tips out there. Keep my favorites in mind, and if you have one, feel free to share!

1. Detox Your Beauty Routine

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One of my favorite celebrity skin tips is from Natalia Rose, author of the book, Detox for Women. I read Natalia’s book when she first published it three years ago, and my favorite part of the whole book was how she stressed the importance of getting rid of toxic beauty products. Not only have I saved money since doing this, but my skin is also prettier. I now use no chemical-based body washes, lotions, shampoos or toxic makeup. I stream-lined my beauty routine to be as natural as possible and now use coconut oil as lotion, makeup remover and shaving cream and I use vegetable based soaps made from shea butter, sea salt and coconut oil to wash my skin and face with. My makeup is a low cost and very effective, brand of non-toxic makeup and my toothpaste is now a $3 non-toxic brand I buy online. This tip is very simple to do and will save you so much time and money.

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