Foolproof Skincare Advice from the Top Celebrity Dermatologists ...

People who become celebrity dermatologists don’t do so overnight. Instead they build their practice based on good techniques that spread by word of mouth until the rich and famous seek them out and put them on the map. Even if you can’t get in to see one of these celebrity dermatologists, you can still learn something from them, as many share their advice and tips pretty willingly. Check out these top tips I gleaned from the best of the best and you’ll never be the same.

1. Ava Shamban, MD

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Based out of Santa Monica, Shamban has seen her share of the glitz and glamour that goes with living so close to Hollywood. That makes her one of the celebrity dermatologists with legitimate and helpful skincare advice. She recommends rubbing a washcloth soaked in cold water all over your face. Not only does this clean out your pores, but it also stimulates blood flow, making your skin look fresh and radiant.

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