9 Brand Spanking New Skin Care Products for the Fall ...

Prepare your skin for the blistery winds and cold temperature with these nine wonderful, season-appropriate new skin care products! There are literally tons of new beauty products coming out this fall season but let’s concentrate on skin care since we all know that healthy skin is the foundation of beauty! Check out these fresh and innovative products for fall to keep our skin pretty and primed!

1. Clairsonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System

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This list of new skin care products is starting off with the newest version of the cult classic facial cleanser from Clairsonic. The Aria is a skin-friendly, travel-sized brush with three speeds to promptly remove makeup and dirt to reveal luminous skin. It claims that in as little as a minute, the Aria will remove contaminants from your skin so your skin care products are more effective!

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