Botanical Based Beauty Products to Start Using on Your Skin ...

By Eliza

Botanical  Based Beauty Products  to Start Using on Your Skin  ...

Botanic products are those that come from plants. Plants are a great source of a variety of antioxidants, which are good for your skin. They fight free radical damage and oxidation, which helps keep your skin looking young and beautiful. If you're not using botanic based products already, today is the day to get started. Here are some wonderful items to get you started.

Table of contents:

  1. skin tightening botanic serum
  2. mattifying toner
  3. cleansing toner
  4. pink clay exfoliating mask
  5. botanical gel cleanser
  6. botanic cell oil
  7. pure marula oil
  8. intense hydrating cream
  9. facial buffing cream
  10. facial oil
  11. soothing eye makeup remover
  12. hydrating gel mask
  13. moisturizing toner
  14. gel makeup remover
  15. restorative facial cream
  16. brightening facial serum

1 Skin Tightening Botanic Serum
A variety of plant extracts help tighten and lift the skin on your face.

2 Mattifying Toner
This product will help soak up grease on your face and leave it with that matte look you crave.

3 Cleansing Toner
Use this product to tone and cleanse your skin, using the power of plants.

4 Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask
Rose hips and pink clay come together to provide a perfect exfoliation and the smooth, lovely skin you want.

5 Botanical Gel Cleanser
The botanics in this cleaner can be used twice per day to get the clean you need.

6 Botanic Cell Oil
Fruit extracts and natural oils soak deep into your skin, leaving it pretty and fresh any day of the week.

7 Pure Marula Oil
This 100% marula oil is wonderful for your skin and you are going to love what it does for you.

8 Intense Hydrating Cream
This creme is perfect for pumping your skin full of botanic ingredients and keeping it well hydrated.

9 Facial Buffing Cream
Botanic ingredients help you buff and shine the skin on your face.

10 Facial Oil
The blend of botanics in this facial oil is perfect for all skin types.

11 Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
Get rid of eye makeup while also infusing the skin around your eyes with good for you botanical ingredients. Perfect!

12 Hydrating Gel Mask
Each application of this facial mask gives you just the right dose of botanicals.

13 Moisturizing Toner
True to its name, this product tones and moisturizes with just the right blend of botanic ingredients.

14 Gel Makeup Remover
Packed with floral extracts, this makeup remover is good for more than just getting rid of your cosmetics.

15 Restorative Facial Cream
Restore your skin to it's natural look with botanicals that include shea butter.

16 Brightening Facial Serum
Use this vitamin C infused serum to brighten your skin and create the complexion of your dreams.

Which of these do you want to try in your skincare routine?

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