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Anyone who has acne has probably said they’d try anything to get rid of it. Does that sound familiar to you? Your dermatologist is a really valuable resource for finding treatment options that work for you. However, hearing from others who have been in the trenches that is acne are sometimes more ideal for your situation. Sure, a doctor can give you medications, but a blogger can give you support and help you find home methods to treat your acne. So, if you’re on the hunt for acne blogs, you are going to love this list.

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This blog certainly doesn’t have a catchy name, but you will love everything it has to offer. It’s maintained by the Acne.org website, which is dedicated to all things acne. The bloggers on this site will give you real world advice for managing your acne as well as great tips for getting rid of pimples and ways to prevent them from coming back. All of that and it’s backed up by medical science.


Facing Acne


If you’re facing acne, this is the blog for you. No matter what the issue, you will find steps for taking care of it. You’ll find peer reviewed and medically backed articles about what causes acne, new ways to treat it and great advice on how to prevent new breakouts and stop current ones from spreading. If you like technical articles and medical lingo, you will love reading everything on this blog.


Acne Treatment


When you get a breakout, you would probably do anything to hide or cover it up, right? I know how that feels! This blog focuses on treatment options for acne, giving you loads of options to try. As you experiment with the treatment choices on this blog, you are sure to find a few that work for you. Let me know how it works out!


The Natural Acne Cure


If you want acne product reviews, this blog won’t disappoint. It’s loaded with reviews on natural acne treatments, giving you plenty of choices when you go to the drugstore. The blog also features a bunch of DIY home treatments for acne that will save you money and give you control over what you put on your face. You’ll also get advice and tips for treating acne as well as tricks for wearing make-up with acne. Talk about a one stop shop for everything you need, right?


The Acne


If you’re a person who likes to read everything you can find about a certain condition, in this case acne, this blog is one to add to your list. It talks about a variety of things you might face when you have acne. They say that knowledge is key and reading this blog will give you all the pertinent facts you need to know about having acne.


My Skin


This blog has more than just information about acne, but has plenty to offer on the topic. For example, one of the top articles on the blog talks about foods you can eat to fight acne. The great thing about this blog is that you if you suffer from other skin issues, you can find info on them as well, so you only have to bookmark one blog on your search bar. What more could you ask for?


Acne Stories


Advice and tips from people who have dealt with acne are some of the best ones you’ll ever find. After all, they’ve suffered through it and have lived to tell about it, right? This blog is loaded with such stuff. And much of it comes from experts so you know you can trust what you’re reading to be safe and true. Check with your doctor just to be sure though.

How do you deal with your acne? I hope one of these blogs totally changes your life in a good way. Are there other good acne blogs you want to add to the list?

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Just what I was looking for. Thanx

Acne does not make us so confident. But there are many ways to deal with it, do not worry!

I had suffered from acne since I was 14 years old and only with DermalMD acne serum, I have been able to obtain favorable results in three weeks of use, I hope it works for you too.

thanks sharing this information keep sharing...

thanks for sharing this information

my dr suggested blemish serum of dermalmd for occasional adult acne, to prevent facial skin discoloration, quicken healing, etc. very, very effective product.better than any of the other otc spt creams ive tried for this purpose.

I have never, ever, ever been so satisfied with an acne product before. I have tried for 3 years to find something that works on my acne/sensitive skin (with multiple visits to the dermatologist), and nothing, not even prescriptions, have worked Dermalmd Acne Serum well.Dermalmd Acne Serum seriously dried up all my acne in like 3 days and somehow is even fading my acne scars. I seriously love it.Oh, and I used to have to wear so much make up to cover my acne/scars, and I haven't worn foundation all week!!! ahhhhhh

I've used many acne products before but dermalmd blemish serum one is the one I'm finally sticking too. I put it on overnight and next day the pimples have either reduced or disappeared. Amazing! For some people salicylic acid works best and for others benzoyl peroxide so it really depends on your skin type

Love your tips, thanks. I had suffered from acne since I was 14 years old and only with DermalMD acne serum, I have been able to obtain favorable results in three weeks of use, I hope it works for you too.

Thanks i really needed that

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