7 Blogs for People Who Suffer from Acne ...


Anyone who has acne has probably said they’d try anything to get rid of it. Does that sound familiar to you? Your dermatologist is a really valuable resource for finding treatment options that work for you. However, hearing from others who have been in the trenches that is acne are sometimes more ideal for your situation. Sure, a doctor can give you medications, but a blogger can give you support and help you find home methods to treat your acne. So, if you’re on the hunt for acne blogs, you are going to love this list.

1. Acne.Org


This blog certainly doesn’t have a catchy name, but you will love everything it has to offer. It’s maintained by the Acne.org website, which is dedicated to all things acne. The bloggers on this site will give you real world advice for managing your acne as well as great tips for getting rid of pimples and ways to prevent them from coming back. All of that and it’s backed up by medical science.

Facing Acne
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