10 Best Pointers on Personal Grooming ...

By Lisa

10 Best Pointers on Personal Grooming ...

Hey ladies, if you’re looking for some pointers on personal grooming that you don’t really feel like asking someone about, you’re in the right place! Intimate grooming is something that most women do, but don’t really talk about. Some see the personal grooming process as a necessary evil, while others feel the topic is taboo. Whether you’re new to the grooming practice or are just looking for some helpful tips, check out this list of useful pointers on personal grooming!

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Let’s start off this discussion on pointers on personal grooming with tools. Although there are different tools you can use to remove hair, you’re definitely going to want to get a separate set of tools reserved just for personal grooming. What will you need? For starters, you’ll want some small scissors to trim (if it’s your first time), clippers or a sharp razor and hand mirror.


Decision Time

While you’re gathering your personal grooming tools, remember to keep in mind what “style” you want to have since you might need to pick up some extra items. There are tons of options in what you can do with shapes and styles. Do you remember the whole vajazzling trend in 2010? You can go all out or just do some minimal trimming and shaving; it’s all up to you.



Next, we want to discuss trimming. Assuming this is your first time or it’s been awhile since you’ve groomed yourself, you’ll start by trimming. Always trim your hair when it’s dry. Although it might seem like a good idea to wet your hair, it’ll just make your job harder to do. Feel free to give yourself a trim in the shower or over the toilet so clean-up is easier. Trim your hair down so shaving the area will be easier and use a hand mirror to check on your progress.



One of the most important personal grooming tips is to properly prep before you shave. Choose a good shaving cream, gel or lotion to prep the area and make it easier to remove the hair without irritation. If you have sensitive skin, try something like Coochy Shave Cream or Bikini Zone which is made especially for intimate grooming. You can find Coochy products on Amazon, and most drugstores carry Bikini Zone.


Razor Sharp

Another personal grooming tip to keep in mind is to always use sharp tools, especially the razor. Using an old, dull razor will probably result in irritated skin, bumps or razor burn. After you’ve trimmed your hair, get ready to shave and always shave towards the direction of hair growth. If you’re trying to achieve a specific look, try to find a clear gel or lotion so that you can see your work in progress. Shave the desired area and shape it with a razor or wax.

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Bare All

If you’re not into using razors or your skin, you also have the option to use wax if you want to remove all of your hair. If you’re looking for a certain shape or style, using wax might be tricky and going to a pro could be your best bet. Depilatory creams and epilators can be used to remove hair in the bikini area, but if you want to remove all hair including the genital area, stick to waxing or laser hair removal.



After you’re done shaving, pat the area dry and apply a moisturizer. Look for a fragrance-free product and something that contains soothing ingredients like aloe or vitamin E. Bikini Zone also makes a medicated after shave gel to combat irritation and bumps, but you can always use a fragrance-free body lotion also.


Bumpy Road

If you used a good shaving gel or cream and a sharp razor but still got ingrown hair, razor bumps or razor burn, there’s help! There’s a really versatile product called Tend Skin that helps with all the issues listed above, plus it can be used as a deodorant, used to relieve redness or bumps from electrolysis or waxing, and relieve irritation from facials. You can find this product online at tendskin.com.



Another frequent topic of discussion when it comes to personal grooming is cleansing. Many people like to use douches, intimate cleansing wipes or other products to feel fresher or feel they need an intimate cleanser for internal cleaning. According to WebMD, this is not necessary. Our bodies already produce a discharge that supports “good” bacteria that helps prevent infections. They go on to say that using products that can potentially disrupt the balance can actually cause infections.


Keep It Simple

I wanted to end this list of personal grooming tips by reminding you to keep it simple. Don’t buy into too many products promising to make your lady parts smell like red velvet cupcakes or anything crazy like that. When it comes to feminine cleansing, most experts will agree that all that is needed is a mild soap and water and you’re good to go!

There’s a lot that goes into personal grooming so don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged! It can take some trial and error with grooming methods and products but you will get used to it and it will get easier. Do you have any personal grooming tips that you want to share?

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For my upper lips, legs and underarms, I have it lasered to a derma clinic. I bought an epilator a month ago and used it in my thighs, arms and bikini area. It was painful at first and it gave me rasor bumps, but I got used to it and I learned that exfoliating regularly will prevent razor bumps.

What's an epilator?

What would you all say is the preference of most men for their ladies? Bare, a little something, landing strip, or all out forest like Gwyneth Paltrow?!?

Ladies, any diaper rash cream for babies can help tremendously with razor bumps. After you shave, dry the area and apply the diaper rash cream. It is cheaper and way more effective than other creams. I'm prone to razor bumps and the baby rash cream has saved my life!! Enjoy

I try and use the "side to side" method when shaving "down there". To get that smooth feeling without going against the grain, I go side to side! Also, I find sitting on the side of the tub makes it easier to reach and gives you more control! Plus, having the water running allows you to clean your razor frequently.

BIO OIL ladies!!! Best kept secret for after shave moisturizer. Bare or not. Use it after shaving and it prevents/gets rid of any unsitely bumps!! I promise! Good to rub in sunburns also:)