9 Best Body Scrubs for Dry Winter Skin ...

Winter’s coming, and that means dry, flaky, itchy, irritated skin… but it’s not hopeless. There are a range of the best body scrubs for dry skin, each of them designed to give you glowing skin even in the harshest, driest winter weather. What are these miracle scrubs, and where can you find them? I’ve put together a list of my own favorites to share with you. Here are the 9 best body scrubs for dry skin. Run a warm bath and let’s go!

1. Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Body Wash

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I use the Microdelivery line on my face in the winter, so I just had to try this body scrub for dry skin, designed for use on your whole body, not just your face. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. That also means that if you’re looking for a tough exfoliator, this one might be too gentle. Keep reading!

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