7 Best Beauty Products to Get Rid of Age Spots ...

For the most part, staying out of the sun means I’ve got great skin, but I’m always on the lookout for products to get rid of age spots, because even with my SPF regimen, a few pesky… let’s call them “freckles” … have made an unwelcome appearance on my visage. I’m too young for age spots – and so are you! – so let’s get rid of them, shall we? Here’s a list of the best beauty products to get rid of age spots, without costly peels and laser treatments.

1. Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum

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Within two weeks, Murad’s miracle serum promises to banish spots, freckles, and other discolorations, and still be gentle on your skin. I’ve tried it myself, and it works marvelously, especially when combined with other goodies in the Murad Environmental Shield® regimen. It’s also made without nasty parabens and phthalates, which is why it’s landed at the tippy-top of my list of the best products to get rid of age spots, banishing the ones you have now and preventing new spots, too.

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