8 Beach Skincare Tips ...

You’re bound to be hitting the beach sometime this summer, and when you do, it’s important to look out for your skin. Not only is sunburn annoying, unsightly and painful when it’s fresh, it also risks your safety in the grander scheme of things as well. In order to make sure you’re adequately protected, and that you stay feeling hydrated, moisturised and generally fab on the sand, I’ve compiled this list of 8 beach skincare tips.

1. Hydrate

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As we all know, it’s important to stay well hydrated all the time. However, when you’re lying on the sand in the sun, it’s even more vital that you fill up with fresh water on a regular basis; this will help to replace the moisture you lose through sweat so that your skin – and the rest of your body – stays feeling good throughout the day. Pack a big bottle in your beach bag, and make sure you replenish it once it’s empty.

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