7 Amazingly Accurate Factors That Affect How Quickly You Age 👱➡️💨➡️👵 ...


All of us want to hang onto our youthful skin as long as we can. And while you can’t stop the hands of time, there are things you can do to slow them down. Knowing what factors influence how quickly you age is key to that.

1. You Can’t Ignore the Influence of Heredity

This is a factor that you can’t influence or control. Your DNA plays a part in how quickly you age. If your family seems to age prematurely, then there’s a chance that’ll happen to you. But making smart, healthy choices in various areas of your life can help combat being predisposed to early aging. On the flip side, if your family tends to not show their years easily, then you’ve got that on your side.

Your Skin Type Plays a Role in Wrinkles
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