7 Best Tattoo Ideas for a Couple ...


7 Best Tattoo Ideas for a Couple ...
7 Best Tattoo Ideas for a Couple ...

Besides getting one another’s names tattooed to their bodies, couples have many more options available to them. I’ve talked to many people who have had second thoughts about permanently attaching their previous loved one’s name or face onto their bodies. It always sounds like a fantastic idea at the time, especially when you are absolutely positive that you two will be together forever and ever and ever. It does suck though when things don’t work out and you’re left with your ex’s name and/or face plastered across your backside. Here are the 7 best tattoo ideas for a couple that might not be regretted later. Maybe. You be the judge!

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Matching Images

I’ve seen a lot of couples who have matching tattoos. This works fairly well if the tattoo isn’t geared more towards one sex than the other. However, it can be difficult to find a unisex tattoo image that both people in the couple agree on.


Adjoining Images

A portion of the image is placed on one person and the rest of the picture is positioned on the other. This works best if the tattoo is on an arm or a leg, since it’s easier to stand next to one another and show the entire image by putting the halves of the images right next to one another. A couple might want to put their child’s face on themselves in this manner.


Phrases That Are Completed by One Another

Maybe there’s a phrase, proverb, or poem that means a lot to the couple. The first half of the text could be placed on one person and the second half on the other, thus making the phrase, proverb, or poem complete only when the couple is together.


Tattoos That Go Together but Aren’t Identical

One person could have Ms Pacman and the other could have Pacman. Another popular duo is Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Maybe one person has a tattoo of a fancy lock and his/her partner has a key tattoo to go with the lock. There are tons of options if you want to get tattoos that compliment one another.


Lip Prints

How sexy is that? You can have your loved ones lip prints tattooed onto your body in any location you wish and place yours on his/her body as well. I think these look rather cool. It might be best to keep these in a place where they aren’t going to show all the time, otherwise people might be trying to wipe off what they think is a lipstick print!


A Tattoo That Reminds You of Your Loved One

Let’s say your favorite flowers are lilies, so your loved one gets a picture of a lily or two tattooed on his/her body. Maybe your partner enjoys fly fishing, so you get a tiny picture of a fly fishing lure tattooed onto your body. Or maybe you’re hardcore and decide to get an image of him fly fishing on the banks of Montana across your entire back. Who knows.


Pick Something for One Another

It might be fun to pick out tattoos for one another once you both have gotten the feel for what each other like and dislike. At least this way you can say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ to the tattoo chosen for you.

The 7 best tattoo ideas for a couple that I listed above are just some ideas. Just remember that tattoos are permanent and you have the final say in what goes on your body. My husband is covered from head to foot (literally) with an assortment of tattoos, each one having a special meaning and was well thought out in advance. Making a hasty decision when it comes to tattoos isn’t a good idea, in my opinion! Do you and your loved one have tattoos that coincide with one another?

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