7 Ways to Stop Breakouts ...


Sometimes it might seem as if your skin is impossible to manage.

You wake up and there’s another pimple forming on your chin or forehead.

I know it’s frustrating but there are ways to stop breakouts.2

And here are 7 effective ways to stop breakouts that will definitely work for your skin.2

1. Drinks Lots of Water

I’m not a big water drinker so this one is hard for me.

It’s important to drink enough water, though, because water acts as a cleanser for your body.

Acne starts on the inside and makes its way to the surface.

What better way than to clean ourselves from the inside out?!

Drinking water is one great way to stop breakouts.

2. Stop Touching Your Face

It’s common to be sitting at your desk at work and rest your chin on your hand.

What you may not realize is when you do this, bacteria from your hands is transferred to your face.

This is how pores are clogged and those not-so-lovely pimples appear.

Also, as tempting as it sounds, don’t pick at your acne.

It’s only going to make it red and potentially scar.

What an easy an effective way to stop breakouts!2

Just by keeping your hands away from your pretty face!

3. Wash Your Face Daily

Acne or no acne, you should still wash your face every day with a facial cleanser.

No one wants those dead skin cells or leftover oils on their face from the day before.

Before you go to bed at night, give your face a once over with some warm water and a cleanser.

You will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!

4. Eat a Balanced Diet

I used to think this was a myth when my breakouts were bad.

But once I cut the junk food out and ate more fruit and vegetables, my acne didn’t appear as often.2

Try to give up that candy bar for some carrots.

It could save you frustration over a pimple that was planning on showing up!

This goes hand in hand with drinking water over soda, since both are related to what you consume, and both are great ways to stop breakouts!

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