7 Sure-Fire Ways to Deal with Sunburn ...


As we are dealing with sunburn in this article, let's face it.

We all know the sun burns our skin, and yet, time after time, we find ourselves out in its harmful rays without any protection on our skin.

We have been told so many times to protect our skin, and yet we continue to get burnt and then complain.

I'm guilty too!

Just the other day, I went swimming and decided I would put off the lotion for just a few minutes.

Well, those few minutes turned into a couple hours and before I knew it, I was cooked!

Immediately, I went into a flurry of trying to save my burnt self from what was sure to be a disaster of ugly, scaly skin.

Here is what I have learned about dealing with sunburn!

1. An Ounce of Prevention...

Ever had your mom tell you that quote?

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It's true!

Use an ounce of sunscreen to keep from the pound or more of lotion and aloe you would use if you burned!

Your best bet when dealing with sunburn is just to prevent sunburn from happening.

Never go without your sunscreen, even if you feel like it's too cloudy to burn you or you won't be out in it long enough to harm.

If you will be out in the sun for longer than ten minutes, put your sunscreen on!

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