8 Signs You're Addicted to Lip Balm ...


Have you ever thought being addicted to lip balm? Do you own multiple lip balms? Do you apply lip balms many times within the hour? There are lots of reasons why we have such a close relationship with our lip balms. We want our pouts to be kissably soft, we want to soothe dry or chapped lips or maybe we just like the way our lips look and feel with some balm on! If you have a feeling that you might be addicted to lip balm, check out the list of signs below to see if you’re a fellow lip balm addict!

1. Detour Ahead

One sure sign of being addicted to lip balm is if you’ll go out of your way to get some. Let’s say you’re on your way to work or school and you can’t find your usual lip balm in your purse. Instead of just going on with your day, do you feel compelled to stop at the store and get more? Have you ever had to make a detour or be late just to get your hands on some balm? If you find that your obsession is interfering with your life, it could be more of an addiction.

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