4. Sun Damage โ€“ a Rejuvenating Face Mask โ€“ No Rinse

Mix together the following oils:

Equal amounts of carrot seed oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, walnut oil, and avocado oil โ€“ about a tablespoon of each.

Add in a blend of 2 tbsp of rosehip oil, calophyllum or tamanu oil, and coconut oil.

Sun damaged or mature skin desperately needs oils that are rich in fatty acids and regenerative qualities.

The firming properties found in anti-aging oils such as carrot and walnut oils will provide a rich base that will repair and replenish tired and aging skin.

Keep this combination of oils on hand in a bottle and apply it to the neck, face, bust area, arms, and hands โ€“ wherever it is needed โ€“ twice a day. It can be applied underneath day and night creams and will soak into the skin and does not need to be rinsed off.

Healthy Glow Scrub Face Mask