7 Reasons to Use Shea Butter for Your Skin ...


If you are looking for reasons to use Shea Butter for your skin, you may be interested to know that even Cleopatra used Shea Butter for cosmetic purposes! Shea butter has a long history of being used for skin care in West and central Africa. There, it has been used for thousands of years for its many wonderful skin benefits. Of the many reasons to use Shea Butter, using it for its skin benefiting vitamins is one of the best.

1. Natural Source of Vitamin a

One of the reasons to use Shea Butter is because it is a natural source of vitamin A, which is an important vitamin when it comes to skincare. Anti-wrinkle creams contain retinoids, a derivative of vitamin A. Retinoids are very powerful and work wonders on wrinkles. While not quite as powerful, the vitamin A in Shea Butter will help reduce wrinkles. It is also much gentler than strong retinoid creams that can be irritating.

Vitamin E