7 Great Ways to Cover up Body Blemishes ...

If youโ€™ve been looking for ways to cover up body blemishes to rock your low-cut party dress or to show off your sexy gams, youโ€™re going to want to read this!

Body blemishes can prevent us from wanting to wear certain types of clothing since weโ€™re worried about having to cover it all up.

Fortunately, Iโ€™ve found top-notch ways to cover up body blemishes so we can proudly wear the clothes we love!

1. Color Correct

One of the easiest ways to cover up #body blemishes is to use a color corrector.

Colored concealers can cancel out colors opposite of them on the color wheel, so if you have purplish blemishes, your best bet is to use a yellow corrector and so on.

Lightly pat in the color corrector on the area of the blemish without smearing it and set it with a light dusting of powder.