8 Best anti-aging Tips for Oily Skin ...


Oily skinned gals typically have less noticeable lines and wrinkles than other skin types but that doesn’t mean we can’t use these best anti-aging tips! While there are benefits to having oily skin, we still have to be mindful of how we care for our skin and do our part to decrease the signs of aging. So if you want to learn some of the best anti-aging tips for oily skin, keep reading for more!

1. Skip Foam

Some of the best anti-aging tips are the ones that we don’t think about, like changing the type of skin care products you use. For example, I have a distaste for cream cleansers so I typically buy foam or gel cleansers. Then I learned that foam cleansers are harsh, even for my oil slick skin! So if you’re currently using a foam cleanser, consider switching to a different type that’s more sensitive to your skin!

Slather Sunscreen